We began as a property focused law firm and continue to advise on small, medium and large property transactions. We provide specialised and tailored advice in relation to the negotiation, structuring and settlement of all property related matters.

From a legal perspective, the company provide :

  • Assistance and consulting in negotiation, drafting and studying of contracts eventually also dealing with the consequential  fulfilments of the necessary documentation.

  • Out of court representation (arbitration, mediations and A.D.R. in   Related damages, also dealing with the related insurance aspects.

  • Legal Assistance, with on-site logistical support, for shipowners. Their auxiliaries and crew members in any precautionary and emergency procedure. (Ship’s seizure or other measures issued by the judicial authority).

We seek to create a professional and above all personal relationship with our clients and to establish with them excellent relationship based on mutual trust and confidentiality.