Total Privacy Yachting Solution package

The Total Privacy Yachting Solution package (TPYS) is ideally suited for discreetly registering a yacht in your own country or the international registration of yachts and pleasure craft in any other country of your choice, whether it is a superyacht, a sailing or motor ship, inland vessels, aircraft, a Jetski or a canoe.

With the TPYS you can register these under any flag of your choice without any problems. 

You are in full control of the yacht

The TPYS offers complete separation of ownership and management of the yacht owning company in which the vessel is placed and registered. It is therefore established for the purposes that you are not a shareholder, holder of a substantial interest or Ultimate Beneficial Owner / Person of Significant Control (UBO / PSC) of that company and therefore also not a direct, indirect or indirect owner of the vessel.

Benifits of the Total Privacy Yachting Solution package

  • Ensured total privacy yachting solution
  • Eliminate all risks of confiscation of the yacht in case of debts
  • Separation between ownership and total control over the yacht
  • Available for any nationality or any flag jurisdiction
  • Perfect solution in case of bankruptcy, debts, divorce, etc.
  • Avoid the attribution to your private assets for wealth tax
  • No trust or side letters 
  • Fixed low price
  • Very fast completion procedure

Procedure time

The incorporation and registration with the TPYS in the UK Trade Register will take place within 48 hours of your instruction to do so. The registration of the vessel can then be initiated right away after the TPYS has been completed and you are ready to order any registration of your choice from our website.

Please note that the yacht registration costs are not included in the TPYS and must be ordered separately.

Sanction list

The TPYS is available for any international citizen but NOT available for any person which is mentioned on any national or international sanction list.